Graduating from Github Game Off 2012, MAGNET has Full Release now!

MAGNET is a fun little puzzle game which you try to meet the N pole with the counterpart, S pole by using various kind of minions. Minions can pull or push other minions, colored boxes, and magnet poles. There is also minion who could clone their fellow minions.

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Android Tested devices: Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia Sola, HTC Desire V, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Tab X(?) (our tester doesn't remember, doh!)


Desktop Needs Java.

Bonus Wallpaper! 1920x1080 (628 KB)
won't damage your screen.


"moderately challenging puzzler"  Portable Gaming Region

"When you play Magnet HD, you can play whenever, wherever, and have the time of your life."  Swarm Connect


+ 36 challenging levels
+ SwarmConnect powered - try to unlock various achievements
+ HD Graphics

Weird things but not bugs:

+ Minions can stand at same tile on start
+ Minions can walk passing walls



(Android only) We use ACRA. It'll ask to send report through email in case of error. Only information regarding debug purpose that will be sent. Don't be afraid to approve the permissions.

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Backended by:
libGDX - Swarm Connect - ACRA